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  • Token ID : 1655
  • Contract Address : 0x45e7c7ebd8f94143963d1fec11268071f56f293b
  • Blockchain : BEP-721
  • KNCA Verified
  • YOUTH_007

    category: Art
    About Artwork

    It's a very happy time,
    even in the most difficult moments
    We need an artist.
    - Goethe

    As Goethe said,
    Young cultural and artistic freelancers will be energized
    I hope you can continue to do such wonderful things that make you feel joy, comfort, and empathy for those who live together with your own story at any moment. Also, I would like to meet such people and accompany them on their activities.

    *The full amount of sales will be fully funded by young people in the arts.

    Item info
  • NFT Edition: 1 / 1
  • Fee Percent : 5.0%
  • Price
    Ξ 10 USD
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